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Join the largest Diversity & Inclusion
event for the European FMCG & retail
sector with a unique focus on gender equality

Discover the future of Diversity & Inclusion at the largest event for the European FMCG & retail sector, dedicated to gender equality. Learn from authentic stories, get inspired by personal experiences, and celebrate achievements in creating equitable workplaces.

Join over 800 leaders on-site in Düsseldorf, or join virtually alongside 1,000+ others, to gain insights and inspiration from companies and organisations committed to promoting inclusion. Expand your network and discover the beauty of Düsseldorf while enhancing your leadership skills to drive positive change towards gender equality within your organisation.

Explore the Agenda and Meet our Speakers

60+ Speakers

Embrace the power of inclusivity! At our conference, we unite members and partners who are on diverse stages of their journey towards building an inclusive workplace. We meet you exactly where you are, providing a dynamic platform bursting with learning, inspiration, actionable insights, and moments worth celebrating.

20+ Breakout Sessions

Pick your preferred sessions for several rounds of breakouts, unlock your potential, and embark on a journey of inspiration and growth. Get ready to elevate your knowledge, network, and impact to new heights. Choose from different tracks that among others include D&I, Intersectionality, Retail and Personal Development.

Virtual D&I Marketplace

Prepare to witness the power of collective knowledge and accelerate your organisation's journey towards diversity and inclusion excellence. A place to showcase best practices, groundbreaking initiatives, and proven D&I strategies, offering partners and members a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and witness firsthand the tangible impact of activities from other partners.


We understand the immense power of networking in driving change and fostering collaboration, which is why we have curated an array of exciting opportunities for you to connect with like-minded individuals. Expand your professional network, connect with inspiring individuals, and create lasting partnerships.

Hybrid Event

Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and accessibility! Our conference experience transcends physical boundaries, offering live-streamed plenary sessions that bring the excitement and inspiration right to your doorstep. We offer 30 days post-conference on-demand access to recordings of plenary sessions and the virtual D&I Marketplace content.

What last year’s event attendees said

Super rewarding feeling to be surrounded by so many DE&I believers. Thanks a lot for organising that very inspirational event. The feedback from my SC Johnson team is very positive. The speakers were super well prepared and the content was very engaging.

Aleksandra Dziubdziela

Manager, Marketing Commercialization,
Home Cleaning SC Johnson

Thank you so much for organising an exceptional experience at LEAD Conference. It was amazing, with strong speakers, super attendance, well organised, etc. Meeting in person after 3 years, the magic of networking, it was fantastic!

Petra Brand

Partner EY Consulting

In front of more than 800 business leaders, I recalled that my mission is to ensure that Carrefour employees come in the morning with a smile to satisfy our Customers and make the company prosper. To achieve this, we use several levers. First of all, diversity brings richness and complementarity. Gender equality contributes to the balance of our organisation. Listening to younger generations allows us to be constantly looking to the future. Inclusion is the basis of caring. And finally the valuation of skills allows social mobility.

Rami Baitieh

CEO Carrefour France

Starting the week energised and inspired after last week's #LEADNetwork22 conference in Paris! Too many interesting takeaways to share although it all comes down to the following statement: "Diversity starts with Inclusion".

Matt Sevenants

Talent Partner E2E Supply Chain North West Europe,

So the question is - why has a man, with two teenage sons (not daughters) - just spent two days as part of the 20% male attendees at the annual LEAD conference sharing ideas and agreeing actions to promote female careers in our industry?
Simple. Because of the amazing women who have been role models, mentors, supporters, coaches, friends, colleagues, inspirations throughout my life. From my Mum, my sister, my amazing wife, too many others to list! I want to ensure our industry is a place that attracts and retains more of these people who will make a difference.

John Hobson

VP & CIO, Kellogg Europe at Kellogg Company

High representation of executives, everyone open to network and exchange, all industry relevant players, hands-on ideas and advice

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